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Narrator: The year is 2015. A young man escapes from the city, running from the people he thought were his friends. He was to be offered as a sacrifice to the Gods, but denied his destiny... No one can deny his fate. Neither man nor god...
Thomas Drake (T): Whaaaaaoohh! (looks around. He sees more people following him, so he runs into the forest.)
T: Whew... (pants) I think I ditched them.
(A mysterious young boy appears, and scares Thomas)
Dean Cross (D): Are you lost, stranger?
T: No. And what's a little tyke like yourself doing around here?
D: Foolish human. I have been here all my life. I protect this mountain... my sanctuary.
T: It's just a mountain! What's there toprotect?
D: Foolish again... You must discover that for yourself.
T: Sure.
D: Now, stranger, what are you doing here?
T: My folks were going to offer me up to some goddess...or something.
D: The Lady In Blue, perhaps?
T:...I guess so.
D: Understandable. But one such as yourself cannot deny fate for long.
T: What do you mean?
D: Again, you are a fool. Come with me, you shall find out soon enough.
T: Ok...where are you taking me?
D: Just trust me.
T: This is weird.
D: No man could possibly think of a better word than "weird".
T: Huh?
D: Never mind that. Just follow me.
T: Ok, I guess. It's not like I can go back home.
D: Good.
End of Episode 1.
Episode 1 of CORE Chaos, Union Mountain.
GarbetheToken Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2010
i've never been this unaroused by a story ever. :pee:
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